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Wilting & hard shells

Our Orchid is dropping its flowers after having them for 6 months, outside chestnut trees are dropping nuts in hard shells. Becoming one with ground & stomped by feet. It signals that Fall is here, leaves changing colors before dropping to the ground. Mornings are brisk & chilly, hence I wrap myself with a turtleneck.…

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What being vaccinated means

In this day & age being vaccinated means alot. Yesterday I got my first shot & I am ecstatic that I am partially vaccinated. It means less paranoia about being around others. Such as riding the bus or being in a crowd. I would never have thought that the vaccine would be finished so quickly…

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Honey & raspberries

I have good news, my hubby got commissioned to make a Summer beer!! He’s soo good at making beer soo I am very proud of him. Tonight he’s hiking in the rain, with the four legged creature. I’ve decided to begin some local urban hiking to get into better shape. The walk to the bus…

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