What I’ve learned

since the pandemic ended a year or so ago. That people change & that the best thing is to let go. Something I struggled with this year when a timer became more important than conversing with me.

That I found something I’m passionate about, art therapy & I will be applying for grad school in the new year. I feel that it’s the future of therapy, expression of thought without the heavy, often demand that art has to have meaning.

That I can take courses & learn from them, I took two this year. I also finally figured out what a waste of time NAV is & haven’t looked back since. It’s almost freeing to know that I can spend the money I have without,

big brother watching me. Knowing I feel guilty for drinking my coffee at my cafe or buying something I need without having to answer to anyone but my sweet husband, to no longer have to answer to anyone but myself when it comes to looking for work.

I feel that the future is bright, something I never expected I’d think a year ago. As for all the drama this year, I feel that I’m due to finally file a police report about the childish behavior we’ve experienced the last 2 years. Harassment is something I’ll no longer put up with.

As for what I’m expecting a busy ’23 with 30 year class reunion next Summer & I hope that grad school will be my next stop in the Fall? Hope you all have a safe & happy Christmas & NYE!!

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