Grateful Thanksgiving

First, of all I have to thank my husband who let me take some courses on art therapy to see if I want to do it for grad school. Turns out I’m applying after the new year turns 23.

Second, for long lost friends I reconnected with while in the US this year. Thank you for reaching out!! It was great to see you all & the night at the pub was especially fun.

Third, my editor for my new book that I’m working on at this very moment, I couldn’t do it without you. Your feedback & smile really brightened my weekends.

Fourth, my mother-in-law who I have come to appreciate & love. She is truly kind & generous. I always look forward to her Christmas boxes during the holiday.

Fifth, my cousin in another city, who gave me a place to stay when I was taking the second course as a prerequisite for applying for grad school. Thank you!!

I’m grateful for this year, even though everything hasn’t been rainbows & pink ribbons. It was a good year. I’ve learned to let go of people that no longer have my back & form new friendships. I’m really looking forward to applying for grad school next year.

Till next time, smile & greet the day anew every day.

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