When you only want out.

I have been on some type of assistance for almost a decade & I am sick of it. The hoops they make you jump through & constantly being treated like a pentualent child. I want to work & I want to make a difference.

That’s why I’m soo excited to be applying for grad school in art therapy in the Fall. I know how much my writing has helped me now that we’re in a crisis, I think my skills will be a real asset in the future.

As for the assistance I have been getting, it’s okay but it’s nothing to brag about. I want a real pay check & a stable job & to no longer be treated like a child by the system. It’s that simple really. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful But Fed up with it.

What I am looking for is a stable work environment, a boss that recognizes that I am asset where I work & treat me as such. That I am early to my shifts & that I do more that is required for customers. That values my time & theirs.

I am willing to commute but not more than 30 minutes & I want non-toxic co-workers that realize that we’re all equal in the eyes of the boss, that Always has the last word. No micro managing, being spoken down to, no bs when it comes to hours I want at the job.

So if you know someone who’s hiring hit me up with info & I’ll look into it. Till next time, I stand with the sovereign nation of Ukraine.

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