Christmas movie season

If we all could live in a world with perfect lighting & where everything is sealed with a kiss. That would be a Christmas movie season, although some are better than others. It depends on who’s making it & what kind of budget they have.

Love Actually is my standard for me so the made for TV movies are cliché & lighting is always too perfect. It’s always some couple that lost touch or had something in the past. Or the super high strung woman that leaves for the small town she grew up in & rediscovers Love & Christmas all in the 90 minutes you watch.

They recently shot a movie in my parents town & changed the names of the local businesses while they shot there. Made fake snow that they decorated the town with. The town’s main butcher shop was paid money to change name & decorate with tacky signs.

All for a Perfect lighting & a cliché relationship that never has arguments or discord. Even though Christmas is one of the most stressful times of the year. With the rise of domestic violence & drunk & lewd conduct. I guess hiding oneself in a cliché for 90 minutes isn’t soo bad. Even if it’s Always soo Perfect & there is no bad lighting only bad lines.

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