Yuletide/ Thanksgiving post

I am soo excited, I finished all my Christmas shopping today in 30 minutes in town. I don’t have any reason to stress in December & just can focus on my new book. It feels great to have everything done so early.

This is also my Thanksgiving post & what I am grateful for this year. On top of my list is all cool people I have met this year. Even though July was difficult I am grateful for my marriage.

I’m grateful for my bestie who keeps me grounded. We have 10 years of friendship & that means the world to me. Our conversations on Skype is something I look forward to every week.

That we have a roof over our heads & that we’re both healthy. That we’re vaccinated.

For our four legged creature that keeps us on our toes & is very silly.

My cousin’s who where very sweet with me in May after my Farmor passed at 103. You guys are Great, thank you!!

For all the people that has made this year under a lockdown bareable & the cafés that stayed open when I needed a place to write. Thank you.

For my husband of nearly 12 years, even though this year hasn’t been the easiest I love you. We can accomplish anything together.

I practice my 4 things everyday: Live, laugh, Love & be grateful for the small things as well as the big.

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