yep, here it is my blog has gotten a much needed update! i felt it was time after having my blog up for a decade without updating the look and feel of the blog. maybe it’s because my life has been full of it lately but it feels good to do something different.

the theme reminds me of my blogspot blog so i guess i am returning to my roots in a sense & then not. i am proud of my book Greylight & the amazing feedback i’ve gotten.

i hope to make this more interactive as well & turning on the comments in the blog. something that has been in the back of my mind for a long time. i hope you like my upgrade. till next entry.


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I am a 46 year old writer and poet that just published my first collection of poetry called Greylight. I live by 3 simple rules everyday, live, laugh, love. I currently live in Norway with my husband and our dog. I adore people watching and seeing how others see the city I now live in. I hope you enjoy reading and if you ever have any feedback all is welcome.

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