purging the past

today, i took a huge leap and went through a drawer where i had saved all the shirts from the Summer i was homeless. a few years ago i remember that i wanted to hold onto them so i wouldn’t forget what happened to me. now, i feel safe and no longer doubt the future-which i why i felt ready to donate my old clothes.
the sentiments i had for a one of the worst years of my life finally where shifted when i ran into a woman that used to look for me when i was in the women’s shelter. we where both really excited to see each other and i was able to tell her that my life had changed for the better. that i am married now and recently celebrated my 1 year anniversary. i met her on a night i was volunteering in one of the many buildings we go to.
seeing her still reaching out to the less fortunate and doing it with a smile on her face made me grateful for all the things i have accomplished. today, i found the t-shirt i wore that Summer and no longer felt anxious just relieved that i am now in a better place.
i hope my clothes make a difference to someone in need. i know they made a difference to me.

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