why i am grateful

in the past couple of weeks some major changes have happened that have made me stock of how lucky i am. maybe it’s also the fact that i have been volunteering since i was 16 and enjoy doing good in the community.

i am grateful for my husband and for each day that i get to wake-up with him. since our loss in November i have been relieved that only having a small cold has been the only side effect of what transpired in my life.

since being homeless in 07 i am truly grateful to see in fog of that year who my true friends really where and let go of the rest. i may not have 600 friends on facebook-but i have the people that i really care about and that’s enough.

i feel lucky for the stability in my life and the impact i do in the local community. every night i visit someone who needs help with either rent or food and it brings me joy to know that writing that voucher makes a difference.

i also feel comfortable in my skin and with my age. in the coming year i also hope to become a mom. a role i will take very seriously as i want my child to grow up feeling loved no matter what happens in his or her life.

i shrug at the judgment of neighbors who make assumptions rather than getting to know my husband and i. i have always believed that mean people will always get their day if not their year. true believer in karma rather than violence.

the day after my birthday i will pack and hopefully make a difference in my grandmother’s life. someone who i love and respect very much. this will be my last entry for a while.

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