drop & leave

i entered the US with a visa in the Spring of 1984-i am legal resident & proud of the fact that i didn’t have to marry anyone or gawd forbid have anchor baby to stay in the US. my first encounter with an anchor baby was an au pair from Norway that i met in 1997 who stumbled into a wealthy family in Colorado and a man that later became her husband and a researcher. she had green card book with the simplest way to stay in the US and within months of marrying him became pregnant in order to seal the deal.

a few senators have come out lately and talked about the drop and leave tactics that women from all nations are doing in order to have a baby with a US citizenship. i witnessed the my second anchor baby with a well educated couple from Europe having a child while he was here completing his thesis for his doctorate, yet in the end however they where not granted a work visa. which is the new norm; something i am very happy about. i think the 14th Amendment should be amended to say that a couple cannot have a baby within the US unless one of the parents is a US citizen.

i have also read up on the fact that having a child if your paperwork is not in order doesn’t guarantee your stay in the US anymore. something i am happy ICE and Immigration has begun to take notice of. here’s an example of why having an anchor baby no longer works.

The term “anchor baby” assumes that having a US citizen child confers immigration benefits on the parents and extended family. This is generally a false assumption, as immigration law does not allow a US citizen child to sponsor his/her parents until he/she turns 21. Once the child turns 18, immigration law also allows a US citizen child to sponsor his/her own siblings with a 15 to 23 year quota delay. Immigration law does not provide categories for any other relatives that would apply in this situation. In addition, if the parents are illegal immigrants, they are usually barred from immigration despite having a sponsor. wikipedia/anchor baby.

i understand that the Hispanic population has taken grave advantage of the drop and leave and i think it will weaken Social Security as well as state welfare programs in all the States. as i work with the low-income through a charity i see this very often. i think it’s sad that a US citizenship has come down to a baby. being a US citizen should be just as hard to attain as it’s elsewhere in the world. in parts of Europe you have to apply for citizenship after your child has become a certain age. something i think the senate and congress should do here. i am proud of being a resident but am disheartened by this fad of citizenship given to a new born baby.

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