1-800 Monogamous

well, i am sitting in a quiet house as my husband had to take a business trip for a few days. i am listening to some old, but good A-ha. so retro i know but they have put out several albums since *take on me.*  guess, you’ll just have to check iTunes to see for yourself.

anyway, back to my entry. first i love being married. single life seriously bites-boring dates, online dating. blah. it feels great to not have to deal with all the lines. the lack of trust. i could spend this entire entry just on that crap but i won’t.

when i was single and because of my name-men would constantly imply that i would cheat on them or that sometime in the future i would do this. i am sorry-but it’s my name not a song. i can count on all my fingers and toes how many men in bars or on dates would begin by singing *Cecilia* i have on occasion tossed drinks in men’s faces and left because they wouldn’t stop singing.

because of the constant bringing up of the song-has made me a stoic monogamous woman. maybe it’s the fact that if you actually think that of someone makes you a loser and douchebag. i have had temptations like all people have but i won’t because when i am with someone i am with that person. i have been told that i should be *open* and be poly. sorry-getting and std is not my idea of a good time.

hence, this is why my oh so crappy ex boyfriends come up. i can count on 2 hands how many of them had issues with fidelity or who was cool enough to cheat on me. yet if they where called out on this fact it was my *problem* what? when you blame your partner for your infidelity that means you are the one that cheated.

which is why i wrote about monogamy in this entry. doing yoga with a friend is not cheating. sorry. next. and by the way check yourself. because i am not the one with the loose mouth.

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