*what a week*

wedding drama i was hoping to avoid. it still happened & now is resolved. now-there are secondary stuff that i have no control over happening & i have no idea how we are going to fix it?

i ran all over the city today & still forgot to get something.i am debating upping my meds until after the wedding as i am having secondary stress that is not dissipating but only growing increasingly worse. today-i had a rough start & was really struggling for a while.  i was able to correct but it took over 2 hours which sucks.

i think i have had too much on plate the last 24hours-also meaning that i have reached my threshold of how much stress i can take. as a friend of mine said recently my mental health comes first & everything else is secondary.with everything in regards to my wedding now up in the air means that i have to take better care of myself.

i also seem to have real issues when it comes to wearing a pair of jeans i love. for some reason i have auditory stuff with what is happening & i am realizing that this is becoming a trend when i wear them. i think i looked pretty good today. however, my brain was telling me otherwise.something i find both frustrating & sad.

oh well. time to make me priority number one.

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