setting the record straight

there seems to be buzz on google-specifically about my past & my court records both in Washington & CT.  i acted poorly 4 years ago after suffering a brutal attack by guy i was dating which has left me with permanent nerve damage that now prevents me from sprinting & took me away from over 15 years of 30 mile-per-week training.  i acted menacing because i spent nearly a year in physical therapy which @ the end they told me i could no longer run-& when i did try to run i get sharp shooting pain down my entire left side. i have all medical records to back this up–& the proof on my credit rating as i was not able to pay it off.

in 2007-you can read this blog from that year as i wrote extensively about it. i was detained in the hospital-put on medication & discharged. i did not harm anyone or anything. i spent 3 weeks walking from one of Seattle to the other.  i have since ceased contact with the person who caused me gravest harm that summer& have stopped patronizing his business.

as for my records in CT-i grew up in a domestic violence household & was nearly killed by my own father when i was 23. he was never arrested & never served anytime in jail for the 2nd degree assault. i have nerve damage from that as well. i ended up getting a restraining order against my parents which extended to them paying for my college education & for my apartment in New Haven. i was victim in that situation as well& have no criminal record stemming from it.

i have made mistakes in my life but i have learned from them & what i can say is that if you want to go digging around in my past & make blatantly by doing it on Google. i strongly suggest you send me an email-or better yet meet for a cup of coffee.  i am not a bad person-i don’t intentionally try to harm people but i do defend myself when i get put into a corner. which is why i am writing this. the other reason i am writing this is to publicly make my statement as i have nothing to hide & no reason cower.

i am dealing with a bullying neighbor right now-as a gesture of what kind of person i am. i am buying her a bouquet of tulips. next time you imply i am anything but the person i am maybe i will bomb you with tulips. because i believe in communication & talking smack is soo grade school.

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