mean people do really suck

in the past year i’ve experienced an abundance of meanness. in the beginning i thought it was just the recession & people where just spreading their discomfort but now i see that i have wasted my time with people. initially my entry was going to be about my soon to be former roommate. the last One i will ever find using Craigslist. she however seem to be acting like the new norm, obese & a bully; while she smiles in your face she will stab you in the back. she reminds me of another mean person i wasted years attempting to be “friends” with, Everything was on her schedule. i have also come to the conclusion that if you manage to somehow kill your own pet-that automatically makes you a Mean person.  i also have to mention my former boss @ Starbucks-controlling manipulative & Mean.

maybe it’s because i will be starting to have a family soon& i no longer want negative people in my life for health reasons. Mean people raise our blood pressure, puts us off balance & can severely distort our view of reality because Mean people often want us to see the world through their Darth Vader style mask. heavy breathing is of course included. Mean people or shall i say people that act of maliciousness do reap what they sow. here’s a Classic Mean person action. say they are frienenemies with someone & whenever they have had a “rough” day dealing with this person they tell you the Entire piece of info, from the tantrums they had to how they upset their schedule of lunch or whatever. a Mean person will talk ill of someone they call their “friend” because that person didn’t Act/behave or configure themselves to the Mean person. it’s something i have witnessed for 9 months, yet my former roommate Still spends time with her, because alas no one else wants to.

Mean people are same people in high school who called you names behind your back, taunted you in the cafeteria & came up with nicknames that where not flattering that of course you’d hear whenever you where in ear shot. now these Mean people have aged, grown-up-maybe started a family or maybe still drinking because when no one else wants to spend time with you @ least the bottle will. what i realized this past year is that some people are Mean because that is the Only way they know how to act; no one ever sat them down & said “what are you doing?” i also realize that Mean people come in all ages & sizes. however, Mean people tend to be Mean consistently because they lack the essential component called Integrity. i have dated Mean guys, did for years–because it was essentially easy, they’d cheat, lie steal & Beg for forgiveness. most of them had drug & alcohol issues that where pretty apparent but that i ignored.

you lie” was Mean & the congressman that said it during the presidents speech came out to the press & bragged about how he had raised his war chest for his election. Mean people that use their meanness for their own gain should be avoided & removed from Facebook. Mean people if you encounter them professionally or personally weigh how much of an impact do they really have on your life & then just Breathe & delete them off your phone, email & Facebook. Nice people are liked for many reasons, maybe you know a few?

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