i pondered for a week how i would write about how rude, unprofessional the shoe sales team is @ their flagship store in downtown seattle. this is what i was wearing: a brown comfy hoody that i use a jacket, a shirt, jeans & my blundstones. however, i can say that in this sour economy where Guilt Shopping is now the word for people that Can shop, Nordstrom needs to take some serious lessons from their competitors.

as i have written before i work with gold digging, banana republic wearing trophies @ my job & am not impressed with their anorexia or size double zero. Nordstrom was empty the day we went in & i had just been treated with respect & dignity @ eileen fisher that sits across the street from the flagship store. i received a fab gift of cashmere for my birthday & was also carrying this bag with me into the store.

we enter the barely filled shoe department, where not far from where i was sitting there was a trophy wife trying on countless shoes. there was women Looking but no one was Purchasing. here’s the annoying part, Uggs main distributor besides Zappo is Nordstrom. we found the shoes & proceeded to ask what they had & what they didn’t. there was a Over Eager sales rep that served more as a hall monitor than a sales guy.

we found a seat& a very nice sales rep who proceeded to bring out several boxes of the wrong size Uggs as apparantly Nordstrom was out of 8’s. before i even try on a pair the hall monitor gets 2 other sales people & calls his manager on the phone right in front of me. she comes out & stands there & observes me for what felt like 5 to 10 minutes. she leaves but in her place they place to slimy, sales people who stand there the entire time i am trying on the Uggs.

i ask the sales rep who is helping us if they have a size 7 for which he replies that he does. he brings out a few & has me walking around in them to make sure they fit. something that made me feel even more profiled. anyway, i decide on the short boots & i got the ultimates which has an actual sole for walking & doesn’t look like a slipper. as the transaction was being processed, they had to be Shipped as the store didn’t have anymore. i put my blundstones on still being watched.

there are 2 people still standing half expecting me to run off with one shoe or something? what? i don’t think so. i turn to the slimy guy they called as a back up when i first walk in & promptly tell him that They Profiled me wrong; which causes the backup to scram& the hall monitor to tell us to have a great day & all that crap. what can i say but if i ever become one of those women who won’t be effected by a recession Nordstrom has lost me as a customer.

next time i feel the need to buy Uggs i will do it through Zappo. just a small FYI i tried on my Uggs with socks on & didn’t take my socks off till the sales guy that helped us said that most women wear them without socks. kudos to the sales guy that helped me find the Right size& who was a real gent.

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