i am back, sorry about the weeks of no posts-but dealing with HMB’s & trophy wives on a part-time basis is exhausting.  today, is experiment as i am posting in a cafe that had negative association for me for most of the last year & half-plus. i am sitting @ a table that i used to blog @ regular basis & so far it feels okay.maybe it’s the fact that i am thinking clearly & that my living situation changed for the better recently.

for most of the last year i lived in a variety of places, i did 11 months in a transitional program that should get it’s funding pulled. 2 months living with my beau& last but not least 4 months in what i can only describe as a destructive environment where i learned the same avoidance i practiced when i lived in the transitional program. things are calmer now.

i am waking up earlier & feel more productive; as i changed my medication again something i am thrilled about as i think it’s working. i feel more alert & am getting up earlier something that feels liberating. change is good, i have to comment on the new Obama administration as i canvassed for the campaign & only hope that the current economic crisis won’t last more than another year.

it feels good to be back, so far everything is good @ the cafe. the future looks bright& sunny.

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