i recently acquired a new job-nothing glamorous but a small pay check & some interesting personas. the economy is beginning to sour & people are holding harder onto what they are making. however, in my line of work people come in & want Special treatment for their clothes, everything from their buttons to their underarms.

half of the clothes i process are a neurotic size 2-& usually dyed blond, anorexic & on their cell phones when they come into the store-demand special Treatment. i had a customer come in the other day & was Whining because her pants, POLYESTER had come out SHINY when they where pressed. apparently it had made her so mad she threatened to take her business elsewhere.

the common denominator with all these neurotic, wannabe rich women is that 99% of all the clothes i process are made Cheap in China.  most of their sweaters are made with a polyester blend, rarely do i ever come across Pure WOOL or more than 2 ply cashmere.  a majority of the customers come in with $70 pants made primarily with whatelse POLYESTER. the top list of what these wannabes wear is: ann taylor, banana republic, semantiks (looks expensive but is all plastic.)

the hardest part of my job or shall i say the lamest is having to listen to a customer expect that Their clothes are going to be treated differently than anybody else.  the TRUTH is that we staple a number into the collar, or the label, put spot tag on it & dump it into a bag. we have an un-reliable plant that we send our items to, where on a GOOD WEEK everything will come back intact-during a bad week however, $200 sweaters will shrink, shirts will come back not pressed & stains still intact. because Believe it or NOT people Actually do the dirty work.

next time you come in expecting SPECIAL treatment @ a dry cleaner-remember that we’ll do Good work but that we are not Robots, just human.

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