i have been attempting to change the time stamp on my blog, attempted. however, it is still wrong so here is the correct time 5pmPST. i have recently begun volunteering & have discovered that i am doing much better than i have thought for most of the last year. maybe i am lucky as i am not on a drug cocktail-but functioning really well on One. in the last couple of months i have had less triggers& have been sleeping better than i have had for a long time.

however, i have recently began volunteering for a national advocacy agency for the mental ill-it has been eye opening to see how acute mental illness can strike. today-i had eye opening experience when i encountered a woman who thought she had ingested meth from her roommates that she “claimed” where cooks. i don’t think boiling water makes one a meth addict or cook?

this year is weird-as i don’t have a wish list for christmas. maybe it’s because i have a roof over my head, that i haven’t spiraled in over a year. i have had very few episodes in the last 6 months & they haven’t been grave enough for me to go to my doctor or the hospital. i guess that is something i am really grateful for-& that i am keeping really busy. till next time, watch who you boil water around…..

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