i am sitting in a cafe, filled with anticipation of what will happen this afternoon. maybe it’s the conspiracy theorists next to me or the small talk around me? i lack concentration this is the 5th time i am attempting to write. i no longer write my blog in word & then cut & paste; i dare to write off the cuff without doing that. hence-Mistakes. something that happens when you’re writing without wondering how it is coming out. half the difficulty in writing is not knowing what to write.

i keep deleting what i have written & start over. today, is then a foggy day& my concentration is skating from being focused to being out of focus. i am getting used to having days that are foggy. i focus on the basics when i have hazy days. when i have clear days i feel like i can accomplish anything & nothing is standing in my way. today is a hazy day-i am getting worried about things i have no need to worry about & over process situations rather than taking them at face value.

i happy though-my concentration is mending which is good because i need it for this afternoon. even though i have felt hazy i am starting to feel better.

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