i got some really Good news today, apparently i am clean when it comes to my criminal background check. i got the good news this morning & have spent the day with a Real Felon who Hacked into *hot,* stolen computers& still has a warrant. makes me relieved that it’s NOT me. it gives me a brighter look @ job hunting & getting myself re-established.

the economy is tanking but @ least gas prices are going down. i feel so relieved about my job search & about the future. for the first time in a long time i am really Happy. i saw the secret life of bee’s today, a movie that was predictable but really sweet. not Worthy of the $7 i spent on the matinee. seeing a movie was good-however i broke my small budget for the day, argh!!

sitting in a crowded coffee shop is not exactly my idea of fun, but tomorrow will be all Grad school work, all the time. i have been spending too much time goofing off & not enough time working. i am not having nightmares anymore-i wake up & don’t feel dread, like i did when i was in the transitional house. i look forward to sleeping in my own bed.

life is slowly starting to resemble something Real. the Future is brighter than yesterday.

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