that’s when my parents town was founded. i had a turbulent few days until i came to realize that my parents are not as well off as they once where & i should be lucky that i have a roof over my head& a place to my head every night. i have been drinking greenmermaid coffee as the alternative was milk with No foam& a smarmy attitude. i have come to realization that i have to make it on my own. i don’t have another choice.

i find it scary, reality of what is happening that is& what my choices are. the turbulence on the plane on the way over was something i found quite disheartening & left me feeling rather uncertain about my future & what is going on. i have to figure out a way to make it on my own. i still feel great resentment for my dad-who after 20 years of making my life hell now wants to be part of it, it leaves me with a lurch in my stomach.

i am grateful that i live in seattle & that i found a place there-with friends & support. it makes me really happy. i feel bored in connecticut-the excitement is no longer there for me & i have come to realize that i did make the right decision when i moved away almost a decade ago. i am looking forward to going to going back to the land of good coffee& mellower view of life. it will be good. i can leave the east coast & the past behind me when i go.

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