relief. sort of.

i have been spending time sipping coffee & doing everyday things-although watching the stock market plummet& houses no longer selling, buses getting crowded & people’s tempers flaring is scary. i just try to Breathe through the scary parts.

i take each day in steps, i get up-grab a shower, walk the dog & figure out what i am going to do.  when i go for coffee in the morning i try to stay in the moment because that is the most important place to be.

i am learning about my illness & about myself. i have been watching presidential politics with a sigh as the attack ads are only getting worse the closer we come to the election. i was thinking about writing a political blog until i realized that everyone was doing it& i didn’t want to jump on that bandwagon.

instead i am thinking about the next 2 weeks & keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well on my trip-of course i will miss Good coffee but other than that i am really looking forward to it. hopefully i will have more fodder for my entries that are not politically motivated or related to my illness. today is a good day!

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