a week later, i am calmer. maybe it’s the shower & the ability to get up & share my mornings with one person instead of 30. walking around nervous on tuesdays, how i Hated Tuesdays. the programs that exist in this city don’t keep women from being homeless. instead it becomes a cycle that women keep repeating. the compass cascade program is failing women, not women failing it. the staff isn’t adapt enough to handle mental illness& don’t have the tact or ability to Teach women essential skills. in the past 2 months, i watched 20 women leave the same program i was in. most of them returning to street shelters not into housing.

hence, the program isn’t working. i was Lucky that i didn’t have to return to the streets. that i didn’t shed all my belongings in the house. i didn’t spend 3 days packing. the program has “supposed” rules that staff doesn’t enforce. they are not posted-there are no clear guidelines while you are there. if i ran the house i would have rules posted & the staff would be told Clear & simple ways to diffuse the situation, they would also not been Glamorized Desk Jockeys but social workers-on Every shift. women that would enter the program with drug addiction would have to pee in a cup once a month & if they don’t pass they would be asked to leave.

every warning would be a written. however, since social workers would be working the shift there would be a flow in the house & Actual Verbally Abusive behavior would result in termination not some inflated rule that has a scope that encompass anything. since, i was triggered by a bully twice & there was no consequences for the other party. the House Manager i had in the house was a Joke. she was inconsistent, sloppy & would have been better running a day care center than the house i lived in. IF i ever get the money i want to set up a transitional housing program with Essential life skills classes women would have to enter everyday. therapists on site& no Glamorized Desk Jockeys that are paid $20 an hour.

the House would be a place of Hope & of Healing-that i didn’t get. there would be Success stories because Every Woman homeless or not deserves that kind of Chance& Support.

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