i wrote about tech addicted in a entry on my old blog a few years ago, this is however recent observation that was rather sad. i don’t drive-i tend to ride buses around the city & get to see how people zone out what is around them. today, however & this past weekend i was disGusted. my beau & i where having breakfast/brunch & in the little eatery there was a couple who paid more attention to their gadgets than who was sitting right across from them.

she was constantly texting& would look up and acknowledge her other half only when she was prompted-in the time period that i was there he only took out his blackberry for less than 5 minutes & put it away. this afternoon i was waiting again for the bus when a recently work hooked up couple showed up @ the bus stop; he was connected to his iphone the entire time i encountered them, kept his earbuds in while they where conversing. this is light of a recent article on webmd about technology & how it’s coming between couples & relationships.

since getting my cell phone a few years back i really notice when i use it for the Right reasons & not to block someone out. i am blocking out the elevator music in the cafe i am sitting in, with my laptop & music software. after hearing that they can’t pick what they listen to when they work i decided to plug/tuning out. i notice when i do & why. when my friends text or take a cell phone call i try to give them space as i have done the same. maneuvering around when it’s appropriate to do what has become complicated. as another friend of mine put today, Why be Organic if you Smoke. that speaks for itself. till next time, as jones soda puts it, run with the LittleGuy.

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