first let me start off by saying that i have been close to needing recovery but it was 11 years ago that i needed it. i also know that recovery programs have begun to critically focus on past addiction problems, making them a forefront for current situations. i am really peeved, as someone with addiction to good coffee; being rained into see a rehab counsler, i wasMandated to attend meetings i don’t have the need for!!

in a small nut shell i have sipped a beer in the last 2 months sharing with my boyfriend.  i am in transitional housing & i have been roped into meetings and meeting with a counsler one on one. when i confronted the director she told me that the drug/alcohol counsler would have to write me Off from the meetings.

i have the $20 rule that i was using up until nearly 6 months ago when i had no money to go out with. what is the $20 rule it means i usually have 2 drinks, martini’s that i drink Slowly as for me it’s about enjoying the drink, not getting drunk. when the $20 is gone i am done drinking. Period. apparantly i have 10 days to figure out what i want to tell rehab counsler about my “habits.” she told me that i’d have10 days to “figure out” what i “needed” to “ask” her. ? what?

the next days i have feeling i will be writing more, as this is my forum and where i am comfortable. my folks and my BF are astounded as am i. i just finished my second coffee, a macchiato. coffee GoodCoffee is my addiction. the better the shot, and the pour of the milk is my sole addiction, being a coffee snob is an Expensive habit to have in seattle. i should know-living here.


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