this week has been crazy enough to make my headspin, but it also woke me up to a bad trait that i have that is feeling responsible for people other than myself. i am sitting @ cupcake royal in ballard, a place i haven’t sat since early july. weird to be back as soo much in my life has changed. i had no idea i would miss this place as much as i did.

being a somewhat of a people watcher i missed that when i was in the shelter, as i was barely comfortable getting coffee @ my favorite places. now, i feel like i am getting all the places i wasn’t going to back. i learned my triggers this week, what makes me reactive with my SADO and what doesn’t. seeing how i act and why has been a learning curve in itself. i have been asked to come and hang out at a non-profit coffee house

next week. learned that it’s okay to Freak out as long as i tell the people that love me in my life that i am triggered. i am not ready to go deeply into my SADO yet. i am sure i will at some point as it’s quiet common and there are plenty of good drugs on the market. till then i will enjoy cupcakes, laughter and everything in-between.

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