on my old blog that has since been disbanded in may i blogged about my fibromyalgia-a disease that makes my bones hurt, giving me insomnia like a gift.  sitting past 10:00pm typing is exciting and thrilling, downstairs my Sheets await me going back to bed. since my medication can also cause this, the doc needs to see me again. Fun. Not.

it’s a small gift to find my comforter here in the house i now live. no more battling american sheets that slip off, and barely keep me warm. i washed my sheets today and haven’t had my comforter since July. this weekend was full of simple and sweet things. my saturday included sleeping in and making a sweet omelet i slow cooked to bring out the garlic.

this morning i was wearing my red devil shirt @ 6am on a sunday morning. nothing more fun than to drink drip and 4 shots of espresso and still not be awake. the game was good-the Crew that i watch it with where all there. catching Up on 3 months of summer that are now gone. till next year when hopefully things will be not be in motion.

since, it’s way past my bed time i was thinking about the fact that i can be up past 10:00 something that was tolerated in the churches i slept before i got here. being so close to the street was exhausting-my current BF said that i have calmed, my voice is changing-anxiety is finally beginning to take a back seat and life has been moving slowly forward.

tomorrow i get my vintage 3 year old laptop back and i can go back to latte’s, boy watching and looking for a sane boss, sane roommates-all will come in time. i am sure of it. for now though i amgoing to pace the hall way in wonderment of the place i got into a week ago.

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