for the past 2 months my life became meeker than i ever expected, balancing new medication & floor mats every night changed my view. how fast we can go from a warm, comforting place to a cold, barren and desolate one even if one is surrounded by people. i slept on the floors of churches who treated us like some part time project-Only On the Weekends-to churches who Treated us like we where little kids-Grown women.

life Perspective changes when everyday things shift in waves. i was balancing a new medication-a private story i may share later wondering where my head would end up. i mastered how to use a push button shower, watching my things every 5 minutes making sure my wallet didn’t get legs or my cell phone. which i now i view a lifeLine and may have saved me from hurting myself. who knew a small piece of electronics would mean so much in the end?

now, my days slow a new kind of progress as i was Luckily accepted into transitional housing-where i have my own door, a lock, a way to do laundry and Breathe. Inhale and Exhale which up until today was something i only did on the weekends; where i slept in plush beds and where i was Dragged out by my boot straps to remind myself that people still Respect and Love me.  i began falling for an old Flame in a different way than Before; due to my medication and circumstances.

each day i Believe. i won’t ever Forget how to. till next time-the new and improved undercover singleton.

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