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I am a 44 year old writer and poet that just published my first collection of poetry called Greylight. I live by 3 simple rules everyday, live, laugh, love. I currently live in Norway with my husband and our dog. I adore people watching and seeing how others see the city I now live in. I hope you enjoy reading and if you ever have any feedback all is welcome.

Dingy mattress

It’s been an interesting week so far but something struck a nerve. Maybe it’s that we have a new bed or maybe it was a phone call. Either way it’s sad to think how little progress some people make. In high school I had two lifelines that saved my life. Those didn’t include my parents…

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Oh & I forgot

It’s been one of those days when not everything goes to plan. I left the house but forgot an essential component. Didn’t realize it until I was near the bus stop. On my way to the bus I missed at least 2 buses. It has been one of those days, positive is that I made…

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292 is not full refund

So, I just heard from AG’s office & because of the gov shut down they as they said can’t compel them to reimburse me the full amount. Which means @ExpediaMediaGroup managed to get away with fraud. They reimbursed me exactly half when I had bought cancellation policy when I booked my room in London. Did…

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2019 Here I come

So, we spent Boxing day moving from our rental into our new place. It went without a hitch. No drama. We also got some great help. I am looking forward to 2019, a new year in a new place. Today I took the bus from the same place but to our new place. It was…

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Christmas movies

A few weeks ago I got some really upsetting news from a close friend & had to cancel a trip. That weekend I began watching Hallmark movies ad nauseum. It was the only thing that kept me from crying & it doesn’t require a ton of concentration or thinking. I haven’t been in the Christmas…

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So, a few weeks ago a hostile & aggro woman accused me of being something I am not & she did so by publicly humiliating me on a city bus. She did so in the span of 2.5 minutes but the effect has been lasting for me anyway. I now choose to walk 12 minutes…

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