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I am a 44 year old writer and poet that just published my first collection of poetry called Greylight. I live by 3 simple rules everyday, live, laugh, love. I currently live in Norway with my husband and our dog. I adore people watching and seeing how others see the city I now live in. I hope you enjoy reading and if you ever have any feedback all is welcome.

home & away jumped the shark

So, I have been watching an Australian soap opera & the show has become predictable with the plot line. It’s no fun when you guess what will happen to a character & it happens. Lame. I adore the show, don’t get my wrong but the writing is really suffering & it shows on the characters.…

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new house.

So, we got a new place to put our heads & I am super excited. Finally, getting off one of the worst buses in the city but also because I don’t have to worry about Flekk barking when he hears anyone in the hall. The only down side is that our current landlord is showing…

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Maybe you really like hazelnut syrup in your coffee but for me it reminds me of when I was sodomized in my early 20’s. This weekend my hubby & I have talked about my life in the early 20’s & the trauma I have survived. It was a tough conversation but a productive one. In…

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Trying to figure out what our petsitter did or did Not do while in our apartment. However, everytime I try to bring up the issues with her she has gaslighted the convo. I have not experienced the kind of toxic, melodrama since college. Her unprofessionalism & sheer lack respect for Flekk or our space has…

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So,we were in Portugal for nearly 2 weeks, the trip was without a hitch until 48 hours before we left when I got food poisoning like I have Never had before. I got really sick & it took me almost a week to recover. Portugal was beautiful though, dusty but beautiful & my favorite part…

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The South

Here I am in beach paradise burnt out on the beach. Funny how my sunburn in Australia has changed my view of sun bathing. I prefer the shade during the hottest part of the day. Being in the South is great for many reasons the fresh fruit for brekkie every morning. The healthy diet is…

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