Month: March 2022

  • When you do anything else

    As the war in Ukraine drags on it’s become harder & harder to watch the news. It’s soo sad that a war criminal would block civilians from leaving & terrorising them from above with bombs. It makes me angry & particularly at pootins soo called “pep rally” he had the other day. Where Russians where […]

  • BridGes

    I have been pondering this recently as I got a writing prompt & I feel that it has changed in my life. What is a bridge? It can be many things, sometimes we burn them, other times we build them. Sometimes we cross them, even when we’re afraid of what is on the other side. […]

  • When you only want out.

    I have been on some type of assistance for almost a decade & I am sick of it. The hoops they make you jump through & constantly being treated like a pentualent child. I want to work & I want to make a difference. That’s why I’m soo excited to be applying for grad school […]