Month: December 2021

When you can’t count on

the local police department. It’s nothing new with me I had the same problem across the pond. But Bergen police are lazy & sloppy & if you call the non-emergency they transfer you to Oslo. My, how responsible. We had a lost dog come up on our property last night & tried but failed to…

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Reflecting on a pandemic year

I guess I should start off by saying that I am grateful for my health. That I’ve not had any close calls with COVID this year. It’s something I am thankful for everyday. I’m grateful for my husband & that we managed to work through our differences this year, although July was a rough month.…

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Saffron in the air

It’s almost starting to feel like a regular Christmas, all but mask mandates & the strict hygiene rules. In our house today it smells of Saffron & mulled wine. We’re celebrating Saint Lucia a day early. A few weeks ago we were hoping to have actual people over but that changed last week. When the…

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