Month: October 2021

  • Why I will never be A4/typeA person

    I had a really good conversation recently where the woman I talked to said; you’re not a square peg. I am not, I am rough around the edges from my upbringing & my body isn’t a straight line. It’s always been what it is. In Norway if you’re A4 you’re like everyone, boring & a […]

  • Present

    Since meditation is the new coke right now I’d figure I’d write about how staying present for me is how I have conquered most of my trauma. I may not meditate but I have taught myself that staying present is both hard thing to master especially under stressful situations. I don’t like flying, I have […]

  • when it rains

    Fall has arrived with its dusted frost on some mornings & cold rain that makes one want to stay indoors. I have decided that I am going to walk Fløyen this week as long it’s not coming down in buckets. The cold rain I mean. I don’t mind seasons rather I look forward to them. […]