Month: June 2021

  • What being vaccinated means

    In this day & age being vaccinated means alot. Yesterday I got my first shot & I am ecstatic that I am partially vaccinated. It means less paranoia about being around others. Such as riding the bus or being in a crowd. I would never have thought that the vaccine would be finished so quickly […]

  • It’s you Not me

    I made a mistake recently & divulged that I have a mild mental illness & sometimes think out loud. Something everyone does, at one point another. It’s not harmful & it’s simply thinking aloud. Hence, I have been treated like a leper since telling them. But I have been living with stigma for a long […]

  • Reflection

    The last few weeks have made me reflect on the important things in my life. Such as my friends & my relatives & how lucky I am to have them. Even my small family with the four legged creature has become more important. I want to radiate the kind of kindness my Farmor did. She […]