Month: May 2021

  • Her passing

    Today marks a week of sorrow & togetherness. We celebrated her life in 3 ways. With her funeral, a bonfire & cake in her house. Farmor had made an impact on all of us. She touched our life in many different ways. The funeral was the saddest & most stressful. I was nominated by my […]

  • Eurovision is back

    After a strange year without it, it returned this past weekend. With a 3.48 minute broadcast from Rotterdam. There was very poor acts & some very good one’s. Depending on your taste. I was excited it was back as it signals a return to normalcy. The music was fun & boring. Some acts had practiced […]

  • It’s okay Not to be okay

    I am sad as my Farmor passed this week, she was 102 & the matriarch of my family. She taught me how to fish for trout in the mountains north of her house. How to hike in the mountains, what to look for & how to figure out where you are. Hence, I am okay […]