Month: April 2021

  • After a decade

    So, I’m no longer impressed with the healthcare system in Norway. I had a GP in the US I had for 10 years. In Norway I’ve gone through 4 GP’s in 4 years. Not okay. I realize that my former doc caused lasting damage to my health record & that’s Not professional or acceptable. Hence, […]

  • Spring has sprung

    Well, the good news is that one can now have an utepils & see friends but not more than 5. It’s a start so it makes me happy. Hopefully the local news tomorrow won’t be full of COVID cases & we can really enjoy Spring. The neighborhood is full of people doing yard work & […]

  • Soo close…

    But no cigar. We’re excited to hear that the government is now allowing us to be more open. After months of being cooped up. Then they tell us we may have to wait till the Fall to get vaccinated. Sux. Clearly. Today I have been reflecting on a toxic relationship I had for 6 months […]