Month: March 2021

Make lemonade

So, this week started off with a sick four legged creature & more calls to the vet. It’s a beautiful day out but I am afraid to leave him as he got sick this morning. He seems sluggish & tired so it felt best to be home. Even though it’s a beautiful Spring day, sometimes…

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Honey & raspberries

I have good news, my hubby got commissioned to make a Summer beer!! He’s soo good at making beer soo I am very proud of him. Tonight he’s hiking in the rain, with the four legged creature. I’ve decided to begin some local urban hiking to get into better shape. The walk to the bus…

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The full moon has finally passed, phew. But on the way to our Sunday walk the four legged creature got obnoxious towards a neighbor dog that has come up on our property several times. Not cool. The neighbor guy took out his cell phone like he was going to call someone Just Because the four…

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