Month: March 2021

  • Red flags on the bow

    19 years ago I made the mistake of dating a black hat programmer. The mistake had a impact on my life I didn’t expect. I had a tough time trusting other men after & the damage was psychological & brutal. I saw all the red flags right away but ignored them because I wanted to […]

  • How Excuses…

    Are justified to serve the abuser. I had a great conversation with my bestie today & realized while talking to her how my parents justify their behaviour towards me. I was nearly killed by my father over a wine bottle I wanted to pour down the sink. It has left me with neck & shoulder […]

  • The 3rd Wave

    Here we’re in the Third wave of the pandemic & another lockdown is upon us again. However this time the amount of people that are in the hospital keeps climbing as does the amount of cases in Oslo. Where there’s a spike & the R# is getting out of control. The Third & fourth wave […]