Month: February 2021

  • Clogged drains & other…

    I was all excited to take a shower this late morning when I discovered the drain was & is completely clogged. I managed to wash my hair before the water took over half the bathroom. It’s the type of thing that’s a nuisance & pain to fix. But life always throws curve balls it’s just […]

  • Suspicion

    I can recall being in high school & going into one of the pharmacies in our small home town. The people that worked there treated any youth like a would be criminal. Following us up & down the aisles. It became a place to avoid, for obvious reasons. Even though it was a family owned […]

  • Worried over a cold

    Here I am 2 days after my birthday worried over what feels like symptoms of a cold. In the age of COVID it’s not easy to have symptoms of a cold & I do. It’s just so worrying that I am grateful I’m not going anywhere for the next few days. I got slightly cold […]