Month: January 2021

Is America broken?

Yes, it has been for years & now there’s social turmoil on top of a second impeachment. America was & felt broken when I left over 4 years ago. The Twittering, unstable & fraudulent President is an international embarrassment. In the 1990’s I thought America was great, I felt proud to live there. Now, however…

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We got Winter

The snow that fell is going to stick around for the next week & half. Yay! Something we didn’t expect. It’s cold outside hovering around the zero C mark. It feels like we have 4 seasons back. Last year all we had was hail for 5 months. Winter is here along with the sun extending…

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It’s hard to find the words after what happened in D.C. A place I once knew as safe & democracy crumbled in a matter of hours. Watching it on the TV was gut wrenching & sad. I am glad my family & friends are safe but the question remains of what will happen in the…

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