Month: November 2020

Red Flags

I am still working on my book & came across a therapist I attempted to see 15 years ago, that was one of the Worst I have ever seen. She diagnosed me with something that’s so outrageous I am not repeating in this blog. She made me out to be out of control in my…

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the Spring of 06

I am working on my book & found a journal from the Spring of 2006; in it I discovered that I thought that I had found my great, big love of my life. Reading it now I realize that I was willing to settle for someone who preferred alcohol to me. In the end he…

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the 1,6%

Well, we are in another lockdown & it shows, as I went into town today to run some simple errands. I waited for the right day as people where frantic on Monday & Tuesday. Today, the city was quiet as a church mouse. The R # is at 1,6% which is just aweful. With Thanksgiving…

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