Month: July 2020

  • The Fist

    Last week, I was walking down a street in the center of town & said No to a transient, drug user who proceeded to answer my No with his fist, hitting me in the arm. He hit me as hard as he could & them mocked me saying I wouldn’t contact the police. Well, they […]

  • vacation &….

    So, we just got back from vacation yesterday after 9 hours of driving. We saw some pretty scary drivers on the highway, that passed where there wasn’t passing zones, sped thru farms. SCARY drivers, the best was the 3 beemer drivers that passed us when we where north of the Artic Circle that passed us […]

  • The Real Mountains

    So, it’s the end of our vacation week up North. It’s been a breath of fresh air literally, mountain snow & some spectular views. Now, all that remains is the drive home.It’s been nice to be up North, walk familiar trails & see kind people that still remember me. I got the dirt on some […]