Month: May 2020

  • what the lockdown taught me

    Our sweet four legged creature got the all clear from the vet this week, so that drama is behind us. He just needed to go down a pound & that’s what he did. Something we’re very relieved about. For a month we where dragging him out several days a week for long walks to get […]

  • The four legged creature

    He got an all good from the vet today, he doesn’t need to lose anymore weight. They’re going to inform the mattilsynet about that. I am so happy!! Yay! Like I said it’s not my karma. Till next time, see ya on the flipside.

  • gradual reopening

    I am so excited that society is on it’s way to be back open again! Staying 2 months at home has been fun, but really!? This weekend we’re finally hiking with a friend of mine, of course a meter apart. It’ll be great to see people move about more freely again. As for the dog, […]