Month: March 2020

isolation coffee

I had to write again as I went into the city of Bergen this week & was greeted with empty streets & sidewalks. The city was eerie & it was uncomfortable to walk around as there was 25-30 people that I saw in the hour I was in there. The city was a desolate landscape…

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reflecting on the 1990’s

Since the days have become so uncertain & we don’t know what’s around the next corner I have started listening to music from when I was in high school & college. I think that it’s funny to listen to cult classics, that even 20 year old now know about. Music is fun that way it…

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cough into your elbow

There’s new Restrictions for everyday people in Norway, which is rather eye opening & good. You have to be a meter apart on transit & all the school’s are closed including the universities. It’s the strictest rules since WWII & I am happy but frustrated by it. It’ll make it harder to take transit &…

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