Month: March 2020

300+ cars & crowded mountains

We went for a walk yesterday because today, it’s snowing. In our neighborhood there’s plenty of trails to go to. The community complained that there where too many people on the mountains last weekend. Yesterday the local media posted a picture of an empty Fløyen but the second highest mountain next to us was packed…

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isolation Easter

The government again said that we are in isolation till past Easter & that makes 5 weeks of being home. It doesn’t help that our elderly neighbor thinks I have COVID 19 because I was home before the order when into place. Something I find annoying that he would accuse of having something I don’t…

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Molding & Red Flags

Since I have begun to go through old journals, I found a journal today from 18 years ago where I discuss a guy that I placed on a pedestal for years. What I discovered was that he wasn’t as amazing as I have been thinking or thought for years. Turns out he wanted to Mold…

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