Month: January 2020

bad customer service

So, in the beginning of January I bought a pair of $100 jeans that fit me really well, they fit above the ankle they looked good on me. I got excited about the company even told friends how cool they where. WRONG. You see I washed those jeans ONCE and they became Huge on me,…

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heavy clouds & hail(rain.)

So much for Winter for this year, the grass is even green outside still because it just hasn’t been cold enough. It’s sad really that there hasn’t been a real Winter this year. The average day time high is around 7.5C, which is way higher than normal. We had some ice in November but it…

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this is 2020!

Here we are in a new decade & some things have changed while other’s have not. I have a few resolutions this year that I want to practice everyday. First I want to be more present with my husband & the four legged creature, thinking about the past/tomorrow drains you of the present. No more!…

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