Month: December 2019

  • why Love Actually is still relevant

    I think I may have written about this topic in the past but after looking at Love Actually several times this Christmas, there’s a reason it’s a cult classic but it has it’s problems. First, I want to address the woman in the movie with the mental ill brother who calls her at all hours. […]

  • A grateful Christmas

    The last few months have been full of stress as I’ve not been feeling well. Yesterday I got some wonderful news, my colon is perfect. No restrictions on what I can eat. I am so excited, & relieved at the same time. Even though my connective tissue hurts at least I know it’s only that […]

  • Love Actually is on

    Yipeee. It’s finally the holiday season & Love Actually is on a channel I can watch. I’ve been so ill the last 2 months that the holiday season has been something I have been dreading. Anything I eat can cause pain, I now know what is wrong. The connective tissue that holds my colon & […]