Month: July 2019

  • The life of a bee!

    I just finished “The History of Bees” by Maja Lunde; it was a hard read but worth every page. I think we have come to a breaking point with the Earth, the damage mankind has done is finally catching up to us. I write next to my trusted four legged companion who is also rare. […]

  • partial tan

    So, here it is the height of Summer & tomorrow the rain sets in. It’s kinda like why bother shaving your legs when it’ll rain feeling. Only my top half in tan this year, something I don’t really care so much about. Since, I no longer lie outside to get a tan, that’ll be what […]

  • The stereotypes we create

    I had to update my blog, we will have a whole week worth of sun, starting today!! I am so excited! The tempretures won’t be super high but at least it will warmer than it has been. I also wanted to write about being perceived as a dyke when I am straight. I had a […]