Month: June 2019

  • Summer where art thou?

    So, it’s an average of 12 degrees centigrade in the city I live in, we managed to have Half a day of sun yesterday! A whole half day! In central Europe it’s 35-40 degrees & they have had to open cooling shelters for the elderly & the young. I took my sandals out of the […]

  • Sometimes You Just Know

    I have had a debate with myself for the past week, where I was wondering if I would write about this or not. But I have decided I wanted to because how I was treated was despicable. I had an interview for a local organization here in our city, I showed up 15 minutes early, […]

  • Town overrun by idiots

    So, it’s officially cruise ship season is here & it shows. The town is overrun by savants. I don’t mind them spending $$$ here but it is a bit much. You hear little old ladies complaining that there feet hurt when they walk around in ballet flats & high heels. You’d think they never left […]