Month: March 2019

  • getting em done

    Last weekend I participated in a 3 day workshop where you work in teams to create a valuable product by Monday morning. The topic was sustainability and followed the UN’s top 16 steps to save the planet. Something I found both interesting & fun. It’s also about damn time we start doing instead of thinking […]

  • A memory not lost

    So, I have good news. My wedding dress from nearly a decade ago is going to be returned to me. I gave it away when I wasn’t in the right head space but luckily I gave it to someone that knew how much it meant to me. It makes me feel great & happy that […]

  • making it ours

    So, we just finished the living room & it looks great! Thanks to my handy husband who learned how to do wallpaper in the process. Our house feels much more like ours now that the ugly gray walls are gone & the white wallpaper that hid a ton of problems. Our next project which is […]