Month: February 2019

  • daily routines

    It’s so nice to have my husband back after his business trip, you start to realize just how much the daily routine matters. For me it’s great to have him back because I sleep better at night. It’s comforting to have him next to me & know that he’s asleep with the dog. When it’s […]

  • a windy day

    The other day I & the dog had some time by ourselves & I decided to take him for a hike up Fløyen. Within minutes of walking off the bus I ran into a great woman who was walking aimlessly through the city with no point & asked if she’d like to go hiking with […]

  • nearing 50.

    So, the other day I turned 45, if you said that I would be this old in high school I would have laughed. It feels weird to be so close to 50, but the 40’s have been full of adventure & moving. Somehow, I never thought I would living back in my own country, I […]